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Comments (7)

i cant wait!!!

well somethings ask though.
will it be longer then the others?

Yeah, the flash as a whole is going to be much longer then the older ones.

Looking good man, it will probably be as hilarious as usual :)

How many fps do you use for you animations? It's interesting to hear, cuz lots of people have 25.

I pretty much use 12 fps.

hey is just checked out our the last zomoid and kyle movie you made.
and i just would ask if you cul make youre newest movies with tweening movements
and maybe a fps like atleast 18?
just asking

Please tell me it's done and you're just waiting for me to send this comment so you can post it :D

make some new thngs man!

I'm sorry for the long wait, guys. Believe it or not, the Clockwork Orange flash has been finished for some months now. The reason I haven't released it yet is because my brother wanted to simultaneously release "A Clockwork Orange" with his "Super Ultra Squad Go!" flash, as well as our collaborative effort with the flash "Abortion 02 - Mafia".

So I'm pretty much waiting on Sean to play catch up. He's already finished Super Ultra Squad, so now he just has to do some finishing touches on Mafia. In the mean time, I've already been working on the new Sunday School (don't expect that one too soon, though. I still have a lot to do with the new episode).

They'll be done soon. I'm sorry for the ridiculous wait. :(

I actually watched it for my first time today, and I gotta say - Such a disturbing, different and bizarre piece of art!

It's not fully understandable, but it's still one hell of a film!

I'm looking forward to see your (new) version of it :)

Awesome. Nothing better than getting more people to watch a terrific masterpiece of a movie.