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Brand New Sunday School episode!!! I got off my ass and finished it!!!

Posted by EricSullivan - July 26th, 2008

I finally finished the damn episode! Took me half a year, but it's done! Yeah!! I feel free!! Wait? Why are you reading this? Watch the damn episode already!!!

Sunday School 14 - Almost Oedipus

The plot: Ms. Doyle's mom tells her she is not her real mother, and Doyle goes off to find her biological parents. Meanwhile, Eric befriends an orphan vampire and decides to help him become a Christian. A bloodbath ensues!

Brand New Sunday School episode!!! I got off my ass and finished it!!!

Comments (15)

i watched it, its a great movie. its so funny and long, there's a lot of stories in this movie. anyway I feel bad about the vampire kid being tortured, that stupid boy, doesn't know what a vampire is!!1

thnx, glad i liked it.

darknessdweller wuz here.

wait... this is Wade?

Your best episode yet! 5'd!


You never disappoint!

it just got 11 reviewes
thats stupid.

Not really surprised. This series was never that popular to begin with, and it's not like my work is of the highest caliber.

Very high quality compared to the others! awesome! xx

it got front page

I frickin love Sunday School. You're my hero.


Nice one making some people get mentally scarred lol

Who the hell is Ed Wood explain?

He was a film director in the 1950's who made terrible, sometimes taboo, movies. Movies like "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Glen or Glenda", which are cult classics nowadays.

I love your sunday school series with all my heart, so now I'm of course wondering, when will you make another sunday school episode? Are you animation something else?

/From the curious bastard...

Yeah, I'm currently working on a cartoon I should of finished a loooonnnnggg time ago. But there's also the obstacle in the form of my brother, Sean, playing WoW constantly and giving me almost zero time to get on the computer and actually do something constructive. Makes me wish I had a second computer.

There will be a new Sunday School episode, and I'm even almost done writing the script for it. But I wouldn't expect it to be finished anytime soon.

its not brand new anymore.
be alittle more updated!

I'm sorry. I'm slower than Christmas.