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Mafia & Super Ultra Squad Go!

Posted by EricSullivan - April 15th, 2009

Hey, everybody. Since my work for Clockwork Orange has gone kaput (thanks random computer virus!), I have no work of my own to pimp out. So I'll just pimp out my brother's instead!

Super Ultra Squad Go! has just been released. It's Sean's send-up of Power Rangers (aka Super Sentai Series), as well as other anime and a little bit of Al Gore. It's probably one of his most ambitious flash movies to date and it's fucking hilarious, so check it out here.

Abortion 02 - Mafia has also just been released. This one was a collaborative effort between me and Sean. It's also the 2nd episode in our "secret" series known as Abortion. The concept of the series was to pretty much take every one of our crazy ideas that we'd never use in our other flash movies and abort them from our minds and into this series (hence the name). Check it out, if you want to enjoy groaning in pain. Watch it here.

Mafia & Super Ultra Squad Go!

Comments (5)

you're a piece of shit

So what else is new?

ur not :P but u where kinda lazy there :( im not talking about the virus. u could have subbmitted another flash just for the waiting prosses.
well ill hope to see sunday school (very soon) im impatient now >:O

I would of done that if I had any other finished flash movies. As it was, I was pretty much concentrating all my efforts on Clockwork Orange (it was probably my longest in length flash yet) and nothing else. So when that was done, I concentrated on Sunday School. Then the virus happened and I lost everything I worked for. :(

Don't worry, though. I'm cramming on Sunday School.

A virus erased clockwork?
How... you really should stop going to those porn sites, dude.
Or stop opening random emails.

But nonetheless, abortion: mafia was hilarious, I really love how well the collabrations with your brother turns out :)

And I really hope you manage to finish some of the stuff you have had brewing :)

Heh. Actually, it was a video game rom I downloaded that gave me the virus. Ironically, that was the same way I got the last virus I had. I've really got to stop downloading free games... but it's so tempting sometimes....

God... I really am a piece of shit... :(

shit dude. yeah why the hell is virus invented!

Well holy shit, how the hell are you

I've seen better days, but otherwise fine. How's it going, Kyle?