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Just keeping some of you up to date and telling you what's going down...

Posted by EricSullivan - July 13th, 2009

Yeah, I still don't have any flash ready to be shown off yet, so don't give your hopes up. I just wanted to post a little update about my situation and give reason to why you haven't seen much work from me.

These last 2 years have been tough, and I haven't been getting much work done. My computer has been attacked by several viruses causing me to reboot several times. One time where I even lost a 6-year old flash I had just finally finished and had planned on releasing soon (that really sucked). Now, I've got two (yes, TWO) roommates who are massively addicted to World of Warcraft, and only ONE computer. So I'm lucky if I can even get on the computer these days. I'm just not able to find enough time to actually sit down and get some flash work done.
I just can't churn out flash movies like I used to back in 2003. So I know a couple of you are impatient and most likely pissed off, but I honestly can't help it.

I'm working my fastest to get the new Sunday School done. I'm most definitely going to get it out this year, you just all have to be a little more patient. And after I'm done with Sunday School, I'll probably try and finish up some smaller flash projects of mine that I've had on the afterburner for a while. One is a original flash based on a stupid sketch done by myself and Adam Crumpton ("Well, I'm Peter Pan!"), and then I might finish up my Legend of Z'foo remake and see if I want to pick up the shattered remains of my Clockwork Orange flash.

Anyway, that's it. I just wanted to apologize for the long wait and tell you all what's going down. I know I'm full of empty promises, but I'm trying my best to fulfill them. :(

Just keeping some of you up to date and telling you what's going down...

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Well, I think we all have to face that you're a grown man with your own life, and with life comes complications.

I really appreciate that you keep on making sunday school and all your other hilarious flashes for us teens here at newgrounds!

And wow is a curse, we most find a cure!
Good luck with your projects, take your time and I can't wait to see them.
But that pic with the sunday school characters is sweet enough to hold me back a few months, haha :)

Have a good one, eric!

dammit well ok

i ahte you.

I ahte you too, buddy. I ahte you too. ;)



seriualy though! how has it been going lately? :)

It's been alright. A friend of mine cleaned up my computer, gave me 2 gigs of ram, and he'll be giving me a new graphics card, all for free, because he's cool. Plus I got a better firewall and virus cleaner to prevent from losing any flash work again. And I found an easy way to convert older flash movies of mine into videos. I've been putting some up on my Youtube account already. Plus I had to move my old Self Pity website to Blogger because Geocities sucks.

Sunday School 15 is almost done by the way. I've been getting shit done one step at a time. Of course, I had to adjust my sleeping schedule to avoid the WoW addicts too. We've reached an understanding, so I'll hopefully be getting more work done. :p

i hope you have something good for halloween this year! or if not, well, there's always christmas! hehehe......

I unfortunately don't have anything for Halloween. But expect Sunday School 15 in November. ;)

Awesome! :D