Sunday School 15 - I Was A Preteen Atheist

2009-11-14 05:16:28 by EricSullivan

Edit: Well, awesome that all of the Sunday School fans supported this episode. Thank you all!
I'm not really surprised I did way worse than with SS14, but at least I know the fans are still very supportive. I'm sorry I don't get flash movies out in time and I'm sorry they're not the best around, but thank you all, once again, for keeping this series alive. :)

Yeah! I'm finally done with the new episode! Took me long enough, didn't it?

In this episode, John becomes an Atheist after his drunk mom teaches him a lesson about death. Regardless of this, his mom still forces him to go to Sunday School, where he and the rest of the class fall through a hole and discover a village of Trolls who crave religious structure in their lives. Can John teach them the ways of Atheism or will Eric & Christy convert them into Catholics? Do you even really care?

Watch it here: Sunday School 15 - I Was A Preteen Atheist

Sunday School 15 - I Was A Preteen Atheist


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2009-11-14 05:22:48

Oh my god! I was thinking the other day how I was longing for another episode :D



2009-11-14 06:31:37

HOT DAMn! This is like christmas! :D


2009-11-14 06:45:51

Great episode!
Glad to see that real humour still exsists on newgrounds!


2009-11-14 08:51:06

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.


2009-11-14 18:06:43

Very good but short :)


2009-11-14 19:02:15

Missed you! :D