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Something Really Cool

Posted by EricSullivan - November 24th, 2009

I just thought this was something really cool and worth mentioning, but Sean & I recently bought the Xavier: Renegade Angel DVD. We've both been big fans of the show, as well as big fans of PFFR in general. Well, Adult Swim had this contest where all these people could send in animated and live action shorts to appear in an episode of Xavier (the "Damnesia You Part 2" episode to be exact). Sean and I wrote a short, and he animated and voiced it and we sent it into the contest. We didn't win, but we ended up as a one of the runner-ups.

Now, the cool part about this is, they put our short in the bonus features on the DVD, along with the other runner-ups. Sure, we didn't get into the episode, but being on the DVD is a huge honor, especially since me and Sean both loved Wonder Showzen & Xavier. I just thought this was worth mentioning. So if any of you are interested in checking the short out, pick up the DVD. It's pretty cheap. And plus you'll get the chance to watch one of the most mind-fucking hilariously original shows to grace television.

God, I feel like a whore, but it's just so awesome. :)

Something Really Cool

Comments (5)

dude, i cannot tell you how much i adore that show....i can't put it into words...

nice that you got in there too! that episode is easily my favorite out of season 2.

i've always wondered why as doesn't put jim tozzi (voice of xavier) on the characters section of shows to watch on their website? it just says "unavaible" hmmmmm.....fritatta.

awesome :D

I do hope that you have watched Wonder Showzen (the same creators) aswell!

Wow, I'm a fucking moron.
I must of skipped that part of the text.
Gee, I feel smart.

Well anyway, that's great! Will you get revenue of the sales, (even though the honor is enough!)

Naw, we don't get anything for it. Just the honor, and we're fine with just that.

Dude!! That's such an honor!!

Congrats, man!!

I hope this will persuade you two to keep animating.

Keep it up! :D