Sunday School 14 Preview Picture

2008-01-15 12:50:46 by EricSullivan

It's far from finished, but I thought I'd show some of you Sunday School fans a small taste of the episode, which isn't much I'm afraid. I can also tell you a little bit about the story of the episode.

This episode is going to be about Ms. Doyle finding out she's adopted. With this new information, she goes off in search of her blood relatives. Meanwhile, Eric befriends an abandoned vampire orphan...

Anyways, here's a pic from some of the finished animation in the episode. The picture is of a young Ms. Doyle. Back when she was still a kid.

Sunday School 14 Preview Picture


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2008-01-15 16:08:46

That black guy is funny as hell.


2008-01-15 18:47:14

I miss sunday school. It was some of the best gems i have ever found, make moar or i kill you!


2008-01-23 07:46:44

well finnaly you are faymus!!


2008-01-25 11:06:57

ok i have waiting alot.


2008-03-01 01:04:56

Ooh I wonder what this is going to be about!


2008-03-01 23:55:43

Oh, man. I've used that picture of Carl Winslow in a few of my own cartoons.


2008-03-11 04:47:04

I can't wait!


2008-03-28 14:16:26

hellllllooooooo submit it alraedy!

(Updated ) EricSullivan responds:

I'm sorry it's taking so long. Please be a little more patient. I've been working as fast as I can, but animating still takes time, and this episode happens to be a long one.


2008-04-03 14:19:34

ok then


2008-04-30 17:24:12

please look at my new movie.
its kinda like sunday school but turn up the volum.

EricSullivan responds:

I checked it out. Not bad. Gave it a decent score. And I liked the way you draw your characters.


2008-05-11 12:24:30

thank you dude!!!!


2008-06-13 09:00:42

Badass man I can't wait! I've always been a fan of you and your brothers vids.