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Ugh... I fucking hate the voice of the guy who is singing. It's just the right level of annoyance that I hate. Regardless, your animation is fantastic and probably the best thing about the flash. I just can't stand the song. :(


Your movies are still funny as fuck.

Good animation.

I'm not going to be an outright bastard, but unlike some NG reviewers, I judge a movie mostly by it's substance, not it's animation. Although I will admit you did a damn fine job at the animation.
I just thought the whole "story" was lame. And it was also just more of this "I like anime, so I'm going to make my own!" NG trend, which I'm sick of seeing.

I dunno. I'm a bastard with his own opinion. Don't mind me. I'll just be over here... making my disgusting, disturbing & dark non-happy flash movies.

It's a monorail...


I really liked your flash. Made me laugh.


Don't get me wrong, I love Sonic... but I'm an old school fan. I'm all about the 2-D games, and all the references to the craptacular "Sonic Adventure 2" make me cringe at how bad that game was.
Not to mention the fact that I freaking hate Shadow... who I think is a lame generic character.
Oh, and I hate that freaking song you used too. In fact, I hate all of the music in the new Sonic games. They're all crap pop rock songs, and they can't compare to the original Sonic games' music.
On the other side of things, some of the animation in the video looked pretty cool, but some just looked flat out crappy as shit. And there were a good couple of really lame moments that made me want to shut the flash off right there (but if I did, then this wouldn't be a fair review).
And if I saw one more shot of Knuckles or Shadow looking in the distant while looking "cool", I would of shot myself.

I know this review seems kind of harsh, and I bet you're thinking I'm some kind of asshole, but I'm just trying to be honest.
And I'll be honest that I'm sick of seeing people celebrate and homage the crappy Sonic of the now.


The audio's funny, and I like the sprite animation. But it didn't really think it was super fantastic great or anything.

I liked it.

Better then most stuff that's hit this site recently, being that your flash was actually funny.

Bezo responds:

Always good to know that it's actually coming across as funny, just like I intended. Plus, how many Flashes, good or otherwise have an audio commentary? I'm a pioneer.

And I'm sick of eating buffalo. Can someone bring a cow to Plymouth Rock already? Or better, a bull AND a cow. Then we can eat calfs forever.


Made me laugh.

It's all about the lyrics, baby.

I liked the animation.

Can't say I liked the message, but then again, I am an atheist. But I'm not an asshole atheist, so I have to say the animation was good, and I did also like the voices. Pretty good work, overall.

But, man, I'd bet you'd fucking hate my movies. :p

Ehhh.... didn't really like it.

But I've heard that voice before..... Kyle? Kyle is that you?
No... no... it can't be...

Anyways... I thought the animation could of used some work. Voices weren't that great (yet it did remind me of a friend I once had). And it wasn't really that funny.

I dunno. I don't like to put people down, so I'll say congrats on at least making it to the front page.

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